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by Anonymous

Q: Hello, I absolutely love this site and find it very helpful. I decided to start juicing to gain control of my weight and hopefully shed some pounds. I have made 2 juices so far and it doesn't seem to make that much (not a full glass). With your recipes, the measurements (mainly the oz) are they before you juice or the amount you want after you juice? Thanks a bunch!

A: Hi! Thank you! So glad that you found us and are getting into juicing. It will totally change your life! Making juice recipes are challenging because your apple and your zuchinni could be a really differnt size then mine. Also, your idea of a "glass" could be twice as large as mine. Some people find that a full 8oz size glass is way to much juice to drink in one sitting. I prefer smaller glasses myself. If you check out some juicing books, they always have enough for 4 people. I don't think this is realistic, so I decided to opt for smaller type recipes, so then it's easier for people to make more if they desire.

I always advise people to double the produce if they want a larger glass. For example, if I say two apples, and you want more juice, juice 4 apples instead. If you just double or add one more of whatever the recipe calls for, it will increase the amount. Most of the recipes will tell you a specific amount of produce.

For the pages that I suggest ounces, it's the amount of ounces you want to have after you juice. So if it says 4 oz of pineapple juice, it should be 4 ounces after you juice. Of course, this is just a general rule. There is a lot of room for creativity with juicing!

I hope that helps :)

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