How to Power Pack Your Juice: Healthy Natural Additives For Juice Recipes

Here are some suggestions for natural additives for juice...

While the juice is pretty nutritious itself, occasionally we might want to put a kick in our juice by adding some power packed extras!


A green algae that provide a rich mineral and calcium content. Great for the thyroid and to reduce the damage from radiation exposure (flying, microwaves ) ½ to 1 tablespoon is recommended, to taste. It’s a super green!

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Probiotic capsules

Probiotics are used to restore the “friendly flora” back into our gut that dissipates from our standard American diet, antibiotics, and more. By restoring the flora, our digestive system works a bit better. Break one capsule open and dump half into your glass.

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Psyllum husk or flax fiber can be stirred in. Psyllum makes all liquid firm up, so only add a little of this if you choose. It needs to be taken with a lot of water so you might want to dilute your juice to make it more watery for it to absorb.

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Liquid Herbal Extracts

Liquid herbals(or tinctures) can be added to any juice drink so that the taste can be masked. Because some tinctures do taste strong, just add a little if you don’t want to taste.

If you want a list, visit juicing for conditions for ideas on what herbs to add.

My two favorite brands are HerbPharm and Pure Herbs, ltd.

You can get a wide selection of herbal tinctures from Use the coupon code SAS638 to get $5.00 OFF your order.

Learn how to use herbs in your juice

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Flax Seed Oil or Udo's Oil

This will give you some essential fatty acids for the day. Add in 1 tsp to 1 tbsp per glass.

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Get juicing!

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