Orange Juice Foam

by Frederick
(Pretoria, South Africa)

Q: Hi, I just purchased a fruit blender and my problem is that when I try making an orange juice it forms foam and makes the juice unenjoyable...

I don't know what to do please help me- I love 100% orange juice.

A: Hi Frederick! Well, if you are using a blender, this could be the problem.

Blenders "blend" or mix the produce together, leaving the fibers in the juice. Juicers squeeze the juice from the produce, removing the fibers so that only the juice remains.

When you blend produce, the blender blades spin very fast and it creates a foam. And I'm sorry to say it happens more often with citrus fruits. The blending motion, along with the fiber that's included makes a foam.

That being said, cheaper centrifugal juicers also often times create a small bit of foam becuase it uses a spinning technique instead of a pressing technique (gear juicers use a crushing method of juicing).

The solution to the problem would be to purchase a gear juicer or try blending very slowly with your current machine.

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