Ordering Tinctures Online

by Lauren
(Winters, CA)

Q: Do you have a recommendation of a good website to order tinctures online? I'm having horrible menopause symptoms and don't want to take hormone replacements. I'm going to start juicing and would like to start a regimen of tinctures as well.
Thank you,

A: Hi Lauren! Well, you're in luck. I've studied herbal medicine extenstively, so sure, I can recommend some great brands (and tinctures!) for you.

I am absolutely in *love* with Pure Herbs, LTD. www.pureherbs.com. They are very high quality and I keep many of thier tinctures on hand for me and my family, as well as take several every day.

Many people have had great success using thier combinations, especially for things like menopause. Try their MPEP combo for hot flashes or everyday troubles. It is made specifically for menopause. Black Cohosh is used to help replace estrogen and Wild Yam for progestrone replacement. Many people use Dong Quai for too much or too little levels of estrogen. I know many people they have worked well for.

The only downside to Pure Herbs is that to order, you must become a distributor. It's just how they keep thier costs down (no middle man). So there is a $35 distributor fee to sign up, however, you get two free books(these are books, not magazines) that explain what herbs and combos to use for what ailment, and it's my go-to for everything. I have bought them as gifts seperately before and they were over $50, so its worth it just for that. I know some people that just join for the books. You might be able to find some distributors that sell their tinctures online, but you wouldn't regret it if you got the books because once you learn about all your options, you'll want to get emergency everything for any situation. (well, thats what I did, anyways... :).

If you do sign up, they will ask you for a sponsor, feel free to use me if you'd like (my sponsor number is 31995).

The other very good brand of tinctures is Herb Pharm. www.herb-pharm.com. I do not know if they have any menopausal combos, but they might. This is a pure brand and of high quality. You can also find most of thier tinctures in local health food shops and some supermarkets, but are also able to order online through their store as well.

These are my two favorite brands to order from, so I stick to these. It's great becuase I can get variety that I cannot find in the store, and it comes in a nice little box, right to my door.

And of course, I'm a huge fan of Amazon.com for everything. Here is a link to their herb pharm line.

Here is Herb Pharm Black Cohosh - 1 Oz, 2 pack or Herb Pharm Wild Yam Extract - 1 Oz, 2 pack

I really believe in natural healing, and I'm glad you're taking this path!

Good luck to you!!

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