Why use organic produce when juicing?

Organics, the secret to ensuring pure food

The reason why many people choose organic produce is simple.

It’s the only way we can be confident that the produce is not genetically modified, and that the farmers have used non-toxic growing practices to ensure pure and wholesome food.

While this can be disputed because there are con-artists out there, it’s the closest we can get short of growing your own (which is a really good idea, by the way :)

GMO's (generically modified organisms)

When you buy non-organic, you could be buying produce that has seeds that were genetically modified. It’s not just the pesticides that we have to worry about.

Genetically Modified Organisms are quite a debate today. When a seed company genetically modifies a seed, they are changing the internal structure, the DNA that was made by our creator, into a seed that can be patented and that will resist (kill) bugs that try to eat it. When you plant a GMO seed, many are made resistant to that companies' certain type of pesticide spray. So it can sprayed on the plant, not killing the plant…but still getting into the plant,(and ultimately our bodies) of course.

You see, you can’t patent things in nature that were created by God. Because of course, how could you patent something that you didn’t make? But when you modify any part of it, you then can own it as yours and patent it. A few companies discovered this in the 70’s and 80’s and started doing this for profit. That’s when there was a revolt against those that didn’t want to eat that, and demanded to know when they were eating GMO foods and foods that had chemical pesticides. That was the birth of organics.

Many people do not want to put something into their bodies (GMO seeds or chemical pesticides) that was not created to be in that fruit or vegetable.

To them it is not pure and whole the way God intended it to be for our bodies.

Studies have shown that when our body cannot recognize un-natural, synthetic and manipulated ingredients that we ingest, it causes havoc in our bodies.

The pesticide issue

While I think the GMO issue is even larger then the pesticide issue, there is no argument that chemical pesticides are harmful. They definitely are not good for you. When a bug bites a plant that has certain pesticides or is GMO, the bug automatically falls to the ground and dies…This, to me, is sort of scary. Do I really want to put something into my body that a bug will die from, in just ONE bite?

No, no I don’t. True, the farmers can lose a good deal of their crops to bug infestation. But the many farmers do know that there are other methods, natural repellents, crop rotation, and more that they can use. It does take more time and effort.

When juicing for health, we want to use the best and purest produce possible.

I think about this often when I am feeding produce into my juicer.  Every time I am offered the choice between organic or non I always chose organic. I ask myself, do I really want to put that into my body, not knowing the harm it could do?

So be it with juicing. We want to put the best food and nutrients into us as possible! We choose where we want to spend our money. After all, it is more money to buy most organics. But it also ends up costing more time and money if you develop health conditions because of it. If you can’t afford it, the best and cheapest way to get produce is to grow it yourself or get it at the farmers market. When you grow it yourself you get an invaluable pride in knowing you did that, and you can be sure it is pure the way it was made for us to eat.

I believe that many people today are simply not educated on why they should eat this way.

Here are some suggestions on two great movies to watch.

  • Food, Inc.
  • The Future of Food
  • Hungry for Change

The first time I saw The Future of Food I cried :(

And for those of you that rather not know, please know that it is still better to juice non-organic then to not juice at all! So keep juicing.

P.S.- If you want more information on organics, visit the organization devoted to it, organic consumers.

Natural News is also a really great site to get info on organics and living closer to nature.

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