Pesticides in Juice and Juice Pulp

by Paula Youmell
(Hannawa Falls, NY, USA)

Q: I was told that if I use non-organic produce in juicing that is does not matter, all the pesticides end up in the pulp anyways? Is this true to the best of your knowledge? Has anyone ever tested juices for pesticide residues? I realize the issue with GMO's and non-organic produce. Thanks!

A: Hi Paula! Everyone has different opinions, but mine is a bit different then what you've heard. I believe it always matters to use organic produce, for many reasons.

1. It's better for the environment.
2. You are sure its the best you can get, aside from growing it yourself organically.
3. You never want to eat food that is genetically modified as it's not the way nature intended.
4. The pesticides do get into the fruit and the juice.

When produce is grown non-organically, it could be genetically modified, and still did receive pesticides and chemicals on it since it's infantcy. It grows this way, and is completely effected, juice, pulp, skin, everything. There is no way to remove it.

Now, there is some truth to pesticides coming out with the juice pulp. Norman Walker tested this a very long time ago and did find that pesticides, especially when juiced with good juicers (like the green star or his hydraulic press, ones that slowly grind and compress, not the spinning centrifugal types) bind to the juice pulp and are removed from the juice more effectively.

I believe that if something is genetically modified it changes how it was grown and once the DNA of the produce is changed, we can't reverse that.

If you have a juicer like the Green Star, you are most likely going to be better off juicing non-organic if you have to.

I just think at the end of the day, we aren't sure what GMO produce can do to our bodies and it's just best to stay away. I also think it would be impossible for all of the pesticides to bind to the pulp.

Hope that helps answer your question!

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Why organic?
by: Robin

Avoiding pesticides is only ONE reason to buy organic. Another is that organic produce has, on average, TWICE the nutrients that conventional produce has.

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