Recurrent Mouth Ulcers


Q: My seventeen year old daughter is in so much pain. She has about 25 mouth ulcers currently and battles them all the time. She already takes Lysine daily and is using a dentist prescribed mouthwash to numb the sores. I am trying to find a juice recipe that can help her. I don't know if a detox would be helpful or not but I have to find a way to help her.

A: I am so sorry to hear this story! Well, my first suggestion would be to contact a natropathic doctor or oriental doctor to examine her to see what could be at the root of this problem. They will be able to ask you key questions on the reasoning behind the acidity and sores in her body.

My second suggestion would be to make sure she has a clean diet. No junk food, absolutely no soda, and limit the sugar. It sounds to me like she could have a ph balance issue, which might mean she could benefit from green juice to help alkalize her blood. I would stick to vegetable juices and not juice citrus juices.

Fresh aloe vera juice also might be soothing to her system.

You can find Green Juice Recipes here.

You can find Vegetable Juice Recipes here.

Best of luck to you and your daughter.

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