Replacement for Ginger in Juice?

by Mharia

Q: Hey there....I have had the most "humbling" gastrointestinal reactions to even a smidgen of ginger root in my juicing. I will never do it again, I've never been so sick.

My question many recipes call for it so I'm hoping there is a nutritional/taste equivalent that is lesser known??

And too would you recommend coconut water or broth for the lightheadedness during the first week? Bless!

A: Mharia! Sorry your body did not like the ginger, and what a shame! You might want to consider that this could have been a one time thing- if you are constipated or are not moving on the inside as freely as you should be, it could cause flatulence. Rest assured it did no harm...just take it as insight to how your body works. If you'd like to try it again, do a colon cleanse and then see if it has the same effects (just an idea).

Unfortunately, there is nothing quite like the spicy-ness of ginger. It is a wonderful accompaniment to many juices.

However, adding lemon usually gives juices a little kick, not quite like ginger, but it's another option. Most juice recipes that call for ginger will be just fine if it's eliminated. Ginger just gives it added flavor and covers up some weirder tasting juices.

If you find that juices with ginger recipes need something to make them taste better, add carrot for the vegetable recipes and apples for the fruit recipes.

As for the lightheadedness, coconut water or broth are both great options...coconut water is closer to juice and I'd recommend that first. Either way, you can't go wrong.

Best of luck without the ginger juice! :)

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