System by System Juice Detox

by Rebecca M
(Franklin, TN, USA)

Q: I am very new to juicing (I'm actually picking up my first juicer today)! I want to do a system by system cleanse that you mention under Juice Detox, but I'm having trouble finding information online that doesn't require me to buy someone's capsules. I just want to do a full body cleanse with juices and perhaps some raw foods.

I need to know what juices (recipes) & raw foods I should be using for each phase of the cleanse.

Do you have any references for this that you could direct me to? Is this something that I really do need to be taking some sort of supplementary capsules to assist with the process?

I'd like for my husband to do this cleanse with me as well. He has FINALLY quit smoking and I think a cleanse such as this would be incredibly beneficial to get all of his systems healing properly. I would appreciate any info you could share with me. Thanks for this site by the way! :)


A: Hi Rebecca! Congrats on your new juicer and your husband on quitting smoking! You are totally on the right path to healing and you'll never look back.

If you are new to juicing, I wouldn't worry about doing a system by system detox. My suggestion would be to just start juicing and detox your body that way. While a system by system is nice, it can be more difficult.

If you are new to juicing and a healthy lifestyle, you'll want to take it slow so you don't experience healing to fast (this is just my opinion). The amazing thing about our bodies is that when you give it what it needs (proper nutrition, good sleep, pure air and water) your body knows how to cleanse and will clean out everything perfectly, in time.

I would suggest you juice at least 2x times a day and pick some fruits and vegetables that are strong cleansers. A good place to start would be incorparting greens, beets and apples into your juices on a daily basis.
Greens cleanse the blood well, beets are amazing for the liver and apples retain the pectin in juice and help sweep out impurities through your colon.

This detoxifying juice recipes page will give you some good detox recipes. By using these daily, your body will naturally and gradually cleanse the toxins.

If you'd like more recipes, the Detoxifying Juices e-book will help you find more juices and even provide you with daily juicing plans.

If you want to start with a body system, the colon/bowels come first. There are many capsules that do help with this as herbal supplements do a great job of cleaning out that area (or any area!). Psyllum husk, aloe vera gel and cascara sagrada all do a different job to cleanse caked up toxins. Buying a box of the colon cleanser supplements is always a good idea to get someone started, if you don't have the help of a natural doctor to guide you.

Adding fresh lemon to your daily water and drinking a wheatgrass shot a day will really go a long way to help your body.

I hope these suggestions help you. Take it slow by juicing some detox juices each day and then if you feel that one of your systems need a heavy cleansing later then focus on that area.

Good luck to you, I wish you the best! Take it slow!

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