The Hippocrates vs the Angel Juicer

by Angie

Q: Hi, I'm trying to choose a good juicer for healing so nutrient content of juice is very important. Do you know if there is a significant difference between the Hippo and the Angel? The Angel is twice the price and also quite big for my kitchen so if its not significantly better I'll go with the Hippo Plus. I live in Australia so Omega is not available here as far as I can tell.
Thanks, Angie

A: Hi Angie! Congrats on wanting to get a good juicer! You won't regret it- it really makes a difference.

This is my opinion- Go with the Hippocrates Green Power Juicer (it's also called the Kempo, Samson Ultra and Green Power). It's cheaper and really does produce a very fantastic nutritionally dense juice. It's a twin gear that has bioceramic and magnetic technology to help the juice last longer. It also can do other things which might come in handy in the future (it's just nice to have a versatile juicer). And you're right, the Super Angel is really big. While they are good, I think your best choice would be the Hippocrates.

I also have good ships around the globe, so you can buy any type of juicer you can find on there (and believe me they have every one!). I buy stuff from them all the time and never have had a problem (nice that it comes right to my door, too). In fact, for juicers, I have found that they usually have the best price.

Here's a link to the Hippocrates juicer at Amazon.

Green Power - Hippocrates High Grade Juicer Juicers)

And here's the Omega (since you mentioned that you were maybe intersted in that too)

Omega J8005 Nutrition Center Single-Gear Commercial Masticating Juicer, Chrome and Black

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May 09, 2011
Oh no more options!!
by: Angie

Thanks very much, That was very helpful! Now that I know that I can buy the Omega I think I will still go with the Hippocrates because I believe the twin gear squashes the cell walls better than the single geared Omega making Hippos juice significantly more nutritious. The Omega is less expensive, looks nicer (to me),can mill four, has a good warranty, and has also received some really good reviews. Is this your opinion also that the the nutritional value from the juice the Hippo makes would be significantly higher than the Omega? Thanks again for your time! Very very helpful!

From Vanessa: Angie, yes, I think the Hippocrates is a better juicer then the Omega (eventhough the Omega is a very good juicer). The twin gear juicers are by far better because of the way it juices.

You can read more about why twin gear juicers are great here

Don't forget, you can also use the Hippocrates juicer to make nut butters, sorbet, baby food, dips, nut milks and more. I'm excited for you!

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