Vacuum Sealing Juice

by Carly Granberry
(Raleigh, NC)

Q: Since my work schedule won't allow me to adhere to a juicing schedule for optimum juice viability by drinking it as soon as it is extracted, I was curious about vacuum sealing.

I was thinking that perhaps I could make my juices for the day and put them in pint and quart jars, vacuum seal them and refrigerate, that way, I can put a couple in my small cooler with a little ice and take them with me.

Wood this work and will the beneficial nutrients remain in tact?


A: Hi Carly! Yes, you definitely could vacuum seal your juice, it's a great idea. There would still be a good amount of nutrients in tact if you did it this way.

Juice starts losing more nutrients as soon as it's juiced/cut/peeled so it won't be as much as if you were to drink it immediately. So there's just nothing we can do about that...but we can slow it down and preserve it a little.

If you are concerned with the nutrients and shelf life, a good juicer is essential. Juice from a centrifugal juicer will not last longer then 8 hours. But if you are juicing with a twin gear like the Green Star Juicer then it can last up to 36 hours without rapid oxidation. This is because it juices at a slow speed, reducing heat and not damaging the enzymes.

No matter what juicer you have, the vacuum sealing is a great idea! It's great that you want to take juice with you, you're health will thank you!

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