Banana Ice Cream Whips

with your Champion Juicer or Vitamix

Make your own frozen banana ice cream with your juicer. My *secret* to a healthy lowfat dessert.

So it was many years ago that I stumbled upon a little café on the boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ that made these healthy treats. Little did I know then that I had a juicer that did something simply amazing- something called a banana whip (or simply banana ice cream, if you please).

I went home and starting making them myself with my champion juicer, which is exactly what this café uses for their hundreds of customers a day (a true test to their durability).

To make the banana ice cream, you freeze bananas and then, through a marvel of your juicers homogenizing function, transform them into a miraculously smooth, ice-cream like treat. With no sugar or cream, it's all banana in flavor and texture, with even that fun, slightly gummy mouthfeel of a fresh banana. So simple, brilliant and good.

I had to let this cat-out-of the-bag. Not only will this assist you in your everyday diet, fasting and weight loss efforts, your guests will certainly give you rave reviews.

How do you make a basic banana ice cream whip?

Peel bananas and wrap them in wax paper. Freeze them.

Use your juicers blank plate or prepare your juicer to use the homogenizing function. Note: Not all juicers have this. The most common are gear juicers, a centrifugal cannot do this. Vitamix’s work great too, when blended on high, speed 10 for 30 seconds.

Feed the frozen banana, using the tamper, through the juicer.

When it comes out of the pulp tube, you’ll find a silky fine texture, just like ice cream.

You'll need about 2-3 frozen bananas per person, depending on how much each person wants.

Recommended machines for a great banana whip:

The Champion and The Vitamix

Most single gears (with the exception of the Hurom) can make whips with their homogenize function

If you don't have any of these, the most inexpensive and easy way to make these is with the Yonanas machine, which is relatively new on the market. I really like it a lot.

Here's my review of the Yonanas banana ice cream maker

Shake it up a bit and add toppings to your whip.

Here are my top 10 creations for fantastic banana whip variations:

1) The Choco-coco: Mix in coconut and carob chips or powder.

2) Berry Banana: Mix in whole berries to the banana ice cream or freeze them too, adding them to the juicer the way you do the bananas.

3) Nutty-B: Process cashews and/or peanuts through the juicer just after you process the bananas. It will make a nut butter topping.

4) Pecan Pie: Add whole pecans as a topping, a drizzle honey and sprinkle of cinnamon on top.

5) Peachy cream: Chopped up peaches mixed in the whip makes a super nice dessert.

6) Apple Pie: Mix in chopped up fresh apples and mashed graham crackers.

7) Banana sundae: Since we’ve already got the banana down, top it off with caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, strawberries, and whipped cream.

8) Raisin craze: Mix in raisins, prunes and your favorite dried fruit for a fiber filled treat.

9) Pineapple-Lime: chopped up pineapples, a squeeze of lime and a drizzle of honey on top of the whip go together nicely.

10) Strawberry-nana: Top your whip off with some strawberry chunks, and a drizzle of brown rice syrup as a sauce.

There are a host of creative concoctions you have with this frozen treat! Take the unhealthy versions of desserts and use the ideas to make them healthy with a whip.

Some more ideas for toppings and add in’s are all nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit, leftover juicer pulp, fruit sauces (not warmed, it will melt the whip), other sweet sauces, honey, molasses, brown rice syrup, and healthy versions of “whipped cream”.

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