Breaking the Juice Fast

by Karen
(Tallahassee, FL)

Q: I'm committed to juicing for 30 days and then eating whole foods until I meet my health goals. What is the best way to break the fast? Thanks much, Karen

A: Karen, The best way to break a juice fast is slowly and with a mostly raw food diet (raw, uncooked and unprocessed fruits and vegetables). No rushing it, or you'll get a stomachache!

I recommend avoiding animal products completely and having only minimal oils for a few days (2-3). Eat things like salads, vegetable soups, raw vegetables with a healthy dip and smoothies.

You'll have to listen to your body as you slowly integrate cooked meals and any animal products if you are re-introducting them into your diet. For some people eating whole foods for a few days is enough, others need about a week to adjust. At a minimum, 2 days of a healthy diet of the suggestions I mentioned above is essential.

Some people find that juicing for one or two meals and having a salad for one meal works well as they slowly introduce solid foods again. I like banana smoothies for breakfast, green salads with a dressing made of blending a tomato and an orange or mango (sometimes a with a spoonful of tahini, and another smoothie or juice for dinner.

Be sure to juice at least once a day so that your body transitions smoothly. Other tips: Chew food completely and eat slowly- don't over indulge.

Good luck on your fast!

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