Juice fasting. A quick overview of why & how to juice cleanse.

Studies have shown that doing periodic juice fasting aids in good health, longevity, young looks and weight management. It's also easy - some might say rejuvenating, too.

Why juice fasting?

It's an excellent way to lose weight and cleanse the body of toxins. It’s been esteemed for centuries. It can make you feel lighter, happier, healthier and more focused.

Make no mistake about it- it's the number one healer and rejuvenator!

It allows your body and tortured digestive tract to take a break. By taking in only these nutritional cups of joy, our body takes advantage of this opportunity to work on the inside.

Many people do it for health and wellness, mental clarity, spiritual reasons or to lose weight. Consider your motives for fasting and focus on that while you go through your fast. You’ll realize you’re doing a great thing for your body, and it won’t last forever. It requires determination, discipline and commitment.

juice fasting overview

How to fast

There are generally two types of juice fasting:

  • Vegetable/fruit juices only

Make any vegetable juice recipes or juice fasting recipes that you find on this site or your own combos. Adding avocado and soups can slow the detox process, which can be helpful for some. No need to rush! Try to avoid fruit only juice recipes, or add in only one fruit with the vegetable juices to make it more palatable.

  • Juices, cold soups (broths), and fruit smoothies

Many like to use vegetable juices, broths and fruit smoothies. This is a more modified version, but still beneficial.

A good plan is to have juices for breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, mid-afternoon, dinner, and a nighttime “snack.”

Fasts normally last for one, two, three or more days depending on the person and the reason for fasting. There are many people that fast one day each week to give their system a break.

Doctor’s advise that there are some that should not participate in fasting.

They include diabetics, those with hypoglycemia, aggressive cancer, under 18, people with eating disorders, women who are pregnant or nursing, or anemic.

What to do during a fast:

  • Drink at least a gallon of juice a day or more
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Include herbal tea
  • Avoid stimulants
  • Choose organic vegetables, herbs, and low-sugar fruit

Drinking tips

Juice should be fresh, or no older then one day old. Do not use store bought juice or you will be defeating much of the purpose of the fast. You can also buy fresh juices at a local juice bar that are freshly juiced that day.

When you drink your juice, you should drink slowly. Swish it around your mouth. It must mix with your saliva so it is more digestible. Juices and water should always be at room temperature if possible, because it is easier on our digestive system.

Will I have low energy during the day?

Most people do not experience low energy. To the contrary, most people experience a spike in energy and clarity, but it all depends on the person. If your energy does get low, take it easy!

What to do during a healing crisis.

Occasionally, depending on the person, the aggression of the fast and how your body is cleansing, our bodies will go through a “healing crisis” when going through a fast. Do not be alarmed. This is a good sign that your body is cleansing and ridding of toxins.

It is accepting all of that nutrition, and taking advantage of the extra energy it has from not expending that energy in digesting our regular food.

The following list is suggested should you experience some uncomfortable effects of cleansing:

  • Take a rest, so your body can continue on its mission.
  • Drink some water, to make sure anything unfriendly inside can be flushed out.
  • Use fiber if constipated (psyllium husks or flax fiber to juice or water), or sienna tea.
  • Dry skin brushing in an upward motion, helps your skins pores to clear blockages. Our skin is our largest eliminative organ
  • Exercise by taking a walk, stretching or bouncing on a rebounder to encourage the lymphatic system to flow.
  • Go in a dry or infrared sauna to help sweat out poisons.
  • Relax by drinking some tea, aromatherapy or yoga. Relaxation at home will give you many techniques to reduce stress and give you peace to get through your body's detox.

Breaking the fast

Be sure to be gentle here as it is an important part of the fast. If you break it with fast food or pizza, you could do more harm then good and get a stomachache!

Eat soups, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds for a day or two after. Introduce proteins and heavier type foods gently.

If you are interested but hesitant to juice fast, just try a one day to start. It’s just enough to give your body a short break to cleanse and heal.

A guide to help you get started

Guide to a 1 to 3 day juice fast

Not sure what recipes to use? No problem.

Recommended fasting recipes

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How about a green juice feast?

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