Top 10 Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season

Healthy holiday?  I know. This is a difficult time of year to stay on track.  There are parties with fun foods that sabotage our health and waistline, and events that take us away from our daily workouts.  While I do believe in moderation to some extent, I do think it’s a slippery slope sometimes.  We always need to be health conscious of how we treat our bodies, and our spirit.

Tips for a healthy holiday

I wanted to share what I do for the holiday.  Here are some healthy holiday tips to keep you going strong this season.  I challenge you to make it a priority.  You’ll thank me in January ;)

Healthy holiday tip #1

Drink juice every day. By having at least one glass of juice each day, you’ll be doing a body good.  Green juice can help balance out blood sugar if you’ve overdone it with the dessert and will give you loads of nutrients to keep your energy up. 

Healthy holiday tip #2

Eat a snack before you go to your holiday parties.  You don’t want to be tempted to eat something you don’t want to.  Have an apple or a banana.  It’s light enough to not spoil your appetite, but strong enough to keep you full until it’s time to eat again.

Healthy holiday tip #3

Bring healthy options to your dinners and parties.  This is normal nowadays.  If you are worried that there might not be any options for you at dinner, bring a salad, or veggie dish or something you’d rather have.

Healthy holiday tip #4

Don’t skip meals.  A lot of people will wake up during the holidays and skip breakfast and lunch because they are going to have a huge dinner.  It’s bad to overload your body during one meal this way.  It interferes with digestion and is just not good for metabolism.  Keep a regular breakfast-lunch-dinner schedule and use moderation, good judgement at each meal.

Healthy holiday tip #5

Focus on the things that matter during the holidays- spending time with your loved ones, having great conversations and making memories rather than the food.  We definitely focus on food too much.  Relationships are more important.

Healthy holiday tip #6

Remember to exercise.  Move your body to encourage detox and elimination.  Try to get moving at least once a day.  If you’re tight on time, you’ll still feel good about a light walk after dinner, or some stretching in the morning.

Healthy holiday tip #7

Take time out to a nap, meditate and pray.  If you feel stressed, take time out to pray or take a nap.  A quiet time will help you re-focus and bring calm back into your life.  It will give you a little re-charge in your day.

Healthy holiday tip #8

Use calming and adrenal herbs, teas and essential oils.  Because the holidays can be stressful, this really helps me.  I love herbal tinctures and essential oils.  They help me so much when I’m very busy, need to focus, or need a pick-me-up.  I like essential oils combos with peppermint, chamomile and lavender.  I sip on tulsi tea, and take holy basil supplements, for example. 

Healthy holiday tip #9

Organize your schedule.  I find that making lists and jotting things down on a calendar is a great way to help me stay on track and feel like I’ve got it under control.  It really works.  A heafty to-do is harder than you think if you don’t have an organized plan.

Healthy holiday tip #10

If you have a hankering for a dessert, make a flavorful holiday juice or smoothie instead.  I created the Healthy Holiday Juices & Smoothies ebook just for this purpose.  It contains the smoothies and juices I use to keep my cravings at bay.  They are delicious and satisfying, and have saved me from eating something I shouldn’t have.

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