Herbal Laxative Tea (How Much to Drink on the Master Cleanse?)

by Sam K

Q: Hello,

I'm thinking of doing the Lemonade Diet, & well, there was one part of it that I found to be unclear. I was wondering:

1 How much of the herbal laxative should a person drink before going to bed (and in the morning if unable to do the salt water wash)? Would it be the same amount as a glass of lemonade (which is approximately 10 to 12 ounces)??

2 Also, this is just curiosity here, but does drinking the laxative at night interfere with sleeping? Anyone have any feedback there? (I'm just trying to get an idea of what will be happening.)


P.S. I read the book & your site as well. Stanley Burroughs is very thorough, but I did not see where he outlined exactly how much of the herbal laxative to drink.

A: Hi Sam! My interpretation of the program is that you just drink one small glass, equivalent to about 6-8oz of the herbal tea. Of course, I do believe that if you drink a bit more or a bit less that it won't make much of a difference (from what I've experienced).

Regarding taking the laxative at night, I think it really depends on the person on if it will interfere with sleeping. I have taken many herbal laxatives before bed at night (which is usually the recommended time) and it doesn't begin to work until the morning. It takes time to go through your system. I'm sure other people have experienced different effects based on thier body, but I have never found it to be an issue. If it is, then this type of cleanse might not be appropriate.

Hope this helps and hopefully others will share thier experiences with the program as well.

You might find this book interesting, as I did, to get insight into various details with many different cases regarding the master cleanse. He made a master cleanse forum in 2003 so he got lots of feedback!

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