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Quite often I receive questions about the lemonade diet. I’ve put the most common master cleanse questions and answers below. If you have master cleanse questions, we’d love to help and so do others. Please ask here.

Q: How do I prepare for the master cleanse?

To prepare for the master cleanse, you’ll want to read instruction on
how to do the cleanse and get the necessary ingredients for the lemonade recipe and salt water flush. Or, you can just order a kit here (some come with books, too). As far as eating goes, you’ll want to prepare your body before the cleanse by eating lightly. A plant based vegan diet the day before will help your body ease into the cleanse.

Q: Do I have to use organic ingredients for the lemonade recipe?

Yes. The purpose of cleansing is to get rid of the toxins in your body. If you are adding potentially toxic and unpure substances, then what would be the point of a cleanse? To attempt to do the master cleanse properly, you must follow the directions and also use organic ingredients or you will not have the right results. If you want to learn more about organics,
go here

Q: What should I do after the lemonade diet? What should I eat and should I be prepared for anything?

The way you break the cleanse is very important. Stanley Burroughs recommends drinking several glasses of orange juice for day 1 and 2 after the cleanse. On day 3, he recommends a light vegetarian diet consisting of orange juice for breakfast, raw fruit for lunch, and a light veggie salad for dinner. It’s best to take his advice as he has fasted many during his life and this is the most effective for your body.

Q: What will happen to me during the lemonade diet cleanse?

During the master cleanse, your body will use the break from digesting food and the nutrients from the
lemonade recipe to detox. It’s purpose is to clean out the colon, clear out built up deposits and wastes within the body so that it may function properly. During the first few days of the cleanse, you might get some detox symptoms that include headache, dizziness or hunger pangs. These usually go away within a day (for most people do not last beyond 4 days), and mostly always by the next morning’s salt water flush. You should experience large bowel movements, and occasional watery bowel movements. Some report that their bowl movements are hot, which we believe is the toxins being released. Some people say that their bowel movements are neon yellow in color, which is also your body removing caked up wastes.

Q: I am having regular bowel movements. Where is my poop coming from if I’m not eating?

The waste in our intestines builds in layers, and hence, must cleanse in layers. The bowel movements you are having are years worth of caked on, built up toxic material that should have been eliminated years ago. It was stuck inside of you and is finally releasing. By cleansing this way, your body continues to have bowel movements until it is clear.

Q: Can I go about my daily life while on this cleanse?

Yes, you can resume your daily activities (work, school, etc) while on the lemonade diet. While a water-only fasting diet requires you to be tied to your bed most of the time, the lemonade recipe provides some nutrition to give you energy, and it does. The only time where you’ll want to schedule less daily activities would be the first few days of the cleanse. Depending on the person, you may feel weak, but it will subside.

Q: Should I consult my doctor before going on the cleanse?

It is always a very wise idea to consult your doctor or health practitioner before attempting any diet or cleanse. They can help you evaluate your condition and decide if it’s right for you.

Q: Don’t I need to eat, is the lemonade diet healthy?

We do need to eat to sustain life and to get proper nutrition for our bodies to function at its best. The master cleanses’ purpose is to clean out our body. The best way to clean out our bodies it through a cleanse, or through a variety of fasts (juice fasts, water fasts). It is completely healthy and safe to attempt a fast. Your body can sufficiently go without food for many days. It needs water. This diet does not deplete your body of water, in fact, it provides some nutrition through the lemons, cayenne and maple syrup. Removing toxic wastes from your body is always healthy.

Q: Are there any dangers to the master cleanse?

The master cleanse is generally safe and people have been using this method of cleansing since the 70’s. Dangers can appear when serious health conditions are involved and a doctor is not consulted. People that have undergone chemotherapy in the last year and those recovering from surgeries/severe burns should not attempt the cleanse. It is also not appropriate for young children, which could benefit more greatly from a juice fast. The cleanse is meant to detoxify your body of internal sludge that is causing a blockage in your body and keeping it from functioning properly. For those recovering from traumas, the body would need to heal before cleansed. For those that underwent chemo, the detoxification could be so rapid that it could cause harm to the body if not done under a doctors care. Once a body has healed a bit and is stronger, this is the time to attempt this type of cleanse. For the average person, the benefits of cleansing are great and needed to have a healthy body. Here is more information on
dangers of the lemonade diet

Q: I am doing the cleanse and I am hungry and feel very weak. Should I stop?

It is typical to feel hunger pangs and weakness in days 1-3 of the cleanse, especially if your body has accumulated a large amount of toxins and is trying to eliminate them. Some are more toxic then others. Whether you stop is up to you. Be sure that you are following the
lemonade recipe exactly, and try just drinking the exact 6 glasses a day of the lemonade. Have some mint tea, and rest. All should pass shortly. If you are worried, then consult your doctor or try a juice fast instead.

Q: Can you give me an example of the detoxification side effects I will have when I do the cleanse?

Detoxification symptoms vary for each individual. Most people experience the brunt of the detox in the first 1-3 days. They include weakness, muscle weakness, hunger pangs, headaches, diarrhea, foggy brain, runny nose and the like. This happens because your body is trying to eliminate toxins during a cleanse. Toxins rapidly try to escape when they are given the opportunity, making us feel temporarily ill. Most people report that all symptoms seem to subside right after the salt water flush the next morning. So if you can make it to the next morning, just try to get through it as it is temporary. After your body goes through an initial detox, you might find you get a spike in energy and will feel well.

Q: How long should I do the lemonade diet?

Stanley Burroughs suggests the diet be done for 10-14 days, and says that in severe cases can be done for 40 days or more. For most people, 3-4 days is not enough to eliminate all of the toxins and it’s recommended that you try to last for at least 10 days to get the full benefits of the cleanse.

Q: I have to go away overnight, how do I stay on the cleanse?

This cleanse is fairly easy to do when you travel. You can prepare the lemonade up to 1 day ahead of time, if desired. Prepare a quart or gallon, depending on your needs. Or, you can simply bring the maple syrup, cayenne pepper and lemons with you and use bottled water. If you are going away for longer, locate a health food store that you can pick these up at on arrival, or
order the kit online and have it delivered to your travel destination. Generally, cayenne pepper will be easy to carry, but the others are heavier and liquid based so it’s better to find a supply where you’ll be going.

Q: Does the master cleanse work?

Yes, the lemonade diet does work to cleanse your body and colon of toxic waste from your intestines. People have been attempting this fast with great results for decades. It would not have stood the test of time if it did not work.

Q: Can you eat on the master cleanse diet?

Eating is not included in the instruction manual book that Stanley Burroughs put together for a guide to his cleanse. The cleanse is made up of the lemonade recipe, mint tea and the salt water flush. Anything outside of this (besides water) will not stay true the original cleanse and probably not be effective.

Q: Can you exercise on the master cleanse?

This is one of the most asked master cleanse questions. Absolutely, yes, you can exercise on the lemonade diet. If you are experiencing some detox side effects within the first 4 days, then its best to only do gentle walks or yoga. You want your body to rest and use all it’s energy to clean and repair itself while going through cleanse. You’ll have to listen to your body to know how much to exert yourself. Most people feel a spike in energy after a few days and enjoy exercise. Heavy exercise is not recommended only because your body needs energy to cleanse. Stick to light to moderate exercises when feeling well.

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