Juice Feasting at 65 Years Old

by Denise
(Oklahoma )

Q: I am 65 this month... I am overweight and worn out. I was care giver to my mom and dad for 9 years and the last 4 years were traumatic and overwhelming. We moved them right next door to us so that I could be closer. Dad was 92 when he passed away and Mom was 90. I lost them 72 days apart. I did not take care of myself during those years and now I am in need of help. That was 18 months ago and it is time now for me to take care of me.

I have a wonderful juicer and a Vitamix. I have read and read and read about juicing and green smoothies for weight loss and regaining my energy. I have no medical issues except for high blood pressure that is controlled with a mild medicine and thyroid problems.

My question is... Is it safe for me? I am in good health mostly, I work in the yard and garden and am able to walk 2-3 miles as well (which I have started to do) but I want to go on a 30 day juice feast and green smoothie diet. Do I need to worry about protein? EVERYONE tells me I am too old. Have you talked with other older people, how did they do? I am so interested.

Thank you for your time.


A: Hi Denise!! How awesome is it that you took care of your family? You should be so proud. But you totally need to take care of you, yes!!!

I have talked to others in thier 60's who have done juice fasts. Don't let anyone tell you that you are too old! No way! I can't tell you if it's for you or not, but I can tell you that people in thier 60's do juice fast sucessfully.

If you are concerned, check with your doctor. I would consider consulting with a natural doctor, a natropath, because they tend to work with people to get healthier through lifestyle and nutriton. You might even want to find one to visit daily to help you monitor your progress to make sure your safe.

If you rather just start something on your own but are scared of a straight juice fast, just do a smoothie fast with mostly greens. That will be more gentle and still have the same very positive side effects. You could also combine a juicing and smoothie plan together. Smoothies are just blended food...pure, whole food. No worries there.

Oh yes, and if you are worried about the protein, I wouldn't be. Just juice or blend greens each day. Romaine lettuce has more complete protein then beef.

Good luck and I wish you much success in taking care of yourself!

P.S.- Detoxifying Juices comes with a 7 day plan to help you juice, smoothie and eat whole foods for health. Maybe this is for you?


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