My Favorite Recipes For Juice

Do you want to know what my favorite recipes are for juice? The one’s I juice the most often?

Well, to be honest, I don’t actually pick complicated or different juices on a daily basis. My fav’s are actually very common and simple.

Hey, we live hectic lives! I save the fancy drinks for special times.

Apples, oranges, carrots and celery are always staples in my house. I have found that our tastes evolve over time. I go through stages of loving one type of juice and then moving on to something new quite often. My go-to options are below...

Apple - Celery!

5 Apples
3 Stalks of Celery

This makes enough for two people.
I juice this drink WAY too often-one of my favorite recipes. I always have apples and celery around the house…I make these two items staples when I hit the market. It tastes like a sweet green apple. I also tend to have blood sugar issues, and it does not bother me at all. It’s great after a workout because the celery really helps replenish those electrolytes back into your system.
It’s also a great nightcap drink, as it has some compounds in it that can calm.

Apple – Carrot

4 Apples
1 Carrot

So it’s safe to say that I’m sort of tired of carrot juice. Like I mentioned before, I previously went on a carrot juice kick a few years ago. I do, however, know how great the calcium and vitamin A content is.
It seems like when I mix it with one carrot, its not very strong, but I’m still getting a whole carrot into my system. I do believe it’s great for my complexion.

Orange – Carrot

3 Oranges
1 Carrot

Again, trying to get that carrot in. The oranges definitely overpower the carrot, but it’s a good mixture. I love citrus.
I like this one for breakfast.

Tomato – Carrot – Parsley

2 Tomatoes
2 Carrots
A few sprigs of Parsley

I really like a tomato based veggie juice. I hate V-8…and good news, this doesn’t taste much like it, or have that massive amount of salt :)
The added parsley adds a bit of “energy spark” to the juice. It also adds to the flavor. I’ve even added just a leaf of spinach of this to get that into me…and did taste good!

One of my favorite recipes for dessert that I can make with my juicer is a banana whip. Click here to see how.

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