What is the Best Juicer?

by Lisa
(New York)

Q: I am a healthy person, drink green smoothies every day, and buy only organic groceries. Already own a Vita-Mix and love it, but want to also buy a juicer. I have a husband and four children under 12, and want a juicer that's easy to use, easy to clean, and doesn't weigh 25 pounds.

I've done a lot of research and have narrowed down my choices, but would really like someone to just tell me what to buy. I don't want to leave it on my counter, I will probably use it once a day for all 6 of us, and also want it to be the kind that best optimizes the nutrients from the produce and doesn't negatively affect its potency. I would like it to juice greens as well.

Does all of this help you narrow down to one or two suggestions for me? I'm to the point where I'm tired of reading and researching, but don't want to give up. I used to juice 2-3 times a day when we only had one child, and did it with a $60 juicer from Target, until I burned the motor up. Can you please help?

Thanks so much!

A: Hi Lisa! Juicers can be a hard choice and I agree it can be a pain to research, so I understand. I've tried out so many juicers and I have my favorites that I recommend on this site, but at the end of the day, budget, lifestyle and how important the juice quality is to the person is what really makes the difference.

Unfortunately, the heavier, more expensive juicers are the better ones. They are the ones that will produce the best juice and never die on you.

The cheaper, lighter and prettier juicers just don't last.

Based on what you've told me, I would recommend the Omega VRT Juicer. Omega makes great juicers, known for their longevity and produce a great quality juice. If you are going to store this in your cabinet- perfect, its the lighter of the better juicers and would be easier to move around. It also can be rinsed easily if you are making juices for the whole family, if someone has a picky palate.

Most importantly, its a slow juicer with an upright design, and it will preserve the nutrients and enzymes in the juice so you are getting the most benefit. One other thing, it will produce a dry pulp, so you will save on produce with this machine versus a lower quality juicer. I really think this juicer is great for almost anyone, and you can't go wrong with it.

The other option I would say might not be a bad pick is a Green Star. While these aren't the lightest or the smallest, it is a fantastic machine and will last forever and it also produces a great juice.

But my first pick would be the Omega!

Have fun with your new juicer...and if you end up getting another, stop by and let us know which one you got and why you chose it (maybe it will help others :)

My review of the Omega Vrt
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by: Lisa

Your advice was exactly what I needed. The juicer you recommended was actually on my top 3 list. I will be buying it very soon...thanks again, so helpful!

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