Other Juicer Uses

Use your juicer for more then just juice!

Juicer uses are endless.  So, when can you do other things with your juicer, you ask?  ALL the time...   Many juicers are quite versatile, and will assist you in making sorbet, nut milk, baby food and soup… 

Some people like to even make fruit roll ups….

Pasta and breadsticks too, you bet!


Let’s face it, they are pretty cool machines…why use another machine when you can use what you got?  And you don’t have to use juice for just juice, it works great in soup recipes.  You can use your juice in smoothies and meals.


Here’s some ideas for how you can use yours.

If you're wondering which juicers do this....its a large handful.  The most popular are the Green Stars, the Omega masticating models, The Champion, The Lexen...there's quite a few.  If your model is a centrifugal (spins on the inside to produce juicer) then you won't be able to do some of these things mentioned below.

Juicer Sorbet-  Use the homogenization function to make healthy, creamy fruit filled desserts.

Juicer Soup- After you juice, turn that into soup.  Here are some recipes to get you started on some savory and healthy meals.

Fruit Rolls- That's right, just like mama use to pack you when you were a kid, execpt these are healthy and made by you with love + your juicer.  

Baby Food- Puree the heart out of fruits and veggies with the homogenization function on your juicer if you have one.  Easy since you already had the juicer out anyway!

Nut Butters- There's nothing like homemade nut butter.  Almond, walnut, peanut, the options are endless!  It is so good.  Must try.  You can do this in your food processor or Vitamix too, but since you can in your juicer, why not, right?

Banana Whips-  I totally should have put this at the top of the list....oooohhhhh my, I love these!  It's essentially a frozen banana put though the juicer (again, if you have the homogenization function) and it is really, really, may I repeat, really good.  It's healthy and tastes just like ice cream.  Not to mention, you can add lots of fun toppings.  The Champion juicer works great for this.

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