New Years Eve and Day Juice Recipes

New Years is a time when most people celebrate with drinks. Consider a fresh fruit and vegetable juice drink to make this day special. These drink recipes will make anyone want to celebrate. Whether you like alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, we’ve got you covered.

This holiday is the time to celebrate new beginnings. The time when we look back at the last year and get excited about the new year to come!

This is the perfect time to make a holiday juice. Celebrate with something fresh, fun and full of cheer!

Eve Pineapple-Mint Juice Punch

I think this is a super happy and refreshing drink. You can make a glass for yourself or make a whole punch bowl for a party.


Enough pineapple to make 7-8 ounces of pineapple juice (approx ½ pineapple- cored and skin cut off)
1 Small bunch of mint leaves

Put the mint leaves in the bottom of your juice glass. Crush while in the glass or right before you put it into the glass to release the mint oils. Pour the pineapple juice on top and serve.
Tip: Make it alcoholic by adding a few ounces of vodka.
This is enough to make one glass. If you are making a punch bowl of this, times the recipe by the amount of servings you desire.

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The Eve Toasting Drink

This is great to toast with when the clock strikes midnight!


A few pineapple rings or spears
1 lemon (peeled)

Juice the pineapple and lemon. Fill half a glass with ice and pour the juice on top. Then, pour a few ounces of champagne on top of the juice.
This recipe only makings one glass of juice.
Tip: If you are making this for several people just juice 1 or two pineapples with a few lemons beforehand. Stick it in the fridge and have the juice ready to go for your party.

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Mango-Grapefruit Smoothie

This is a great smoothie to start of the new year. The ginger and grapefruit give it a little zing, and screams “celebrate!” Try it for breakfast.


2 Mangos
1 Apple
1 Grapefruit
¼ inch of ginger

Blend these in the blender until smooth and enjoy. Add a few cubes of ice if you want a thicker, colder smoothie.

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The Day-After Hangover Helper

This is a great brunch juice!


3 tomatoes
1 stalk of celery
2 inches of cucumber
A dash of Tobasco sauce
Salt and pepper
2oz of water OR vodka if you’d like an alcoholic version

Fill a glass half with ice. Juice the tomatoes, celery and cucumber. Add the tobacco, salt and pepper and mix together. Then add either the water or vodka. Stir together and pour overtop of the ice.

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