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Welcome to the submit a juice recipe page on Many of you like to contribute your special juice recipes and I LOVE to get them. Instead of just keeping them for myself, I created this page to make it easy for you to share with others.

Have you created your own juice recipe?

Do you have something really "different" for a juice recipe that others may benefit from?

Often times, I think the best recipes are the ones that we come up with in our kitchens by mistake! Or is that just me? Many of my recipes come from trying to follow a recipe, but I don’t have all the ingredients on hand or don’t like one of the options. And some people, well, they just have a knack for recipes.

There are so many types of juices…

...water based, served on ice, alcoholic, orange and citrus based, green juice, fruit juice or plain vegetable. Many people often like to add fiber or herbal tinctures to enhance the health benefits. Many people also have a nut butter, sorbet or other recipe they made using thier juicer...

So if you have a great recipe...this is the place to share.

If at all possible, pictures are *great* if you have them!

You can submit a general recipe below or go to the category of juices that fits your recipe.

And of course...scroll to the bottom to see recipes from other site visitors that you can use in your kitchen!

Thank you SO much for your participation! :O)

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Juicing Recipes From Other Visitors

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Good Morning Juice Not rated yet
3 apples 1 small piece of ginger Some parsley 1 cucumber Put all these ingredients in your juicer. Great for a breakfast juice!

Salad Slushie Juice Not rated yet
It's more of a smoothie unless you strain it because you blend it all together. May not appeal to everyone but it's different. It's kind of sweet and …

Summer Light Buzz Not rated yet
1 lemon with no peel 3 radishes 15 small thin carrots 1 cuke 8 celery stalks 1 bunch of white seedless grapes

My Fantastic Strawberry-Apple Dessert Juice Not rated yet
This is my favorite juice. I make it for dessert instead of having cake! 4 Apples, cored 1 cup of Strawberries Juice the apples- then the strawberries. …

Carrot, Parsley & Beet Energy Juice Not rated yet
5 carrots 1/2 beet (greens ok) 3 sprigs of parsley Cut the carrots in a few peices and trim the beet into wedges. Juice them together. I make this …

Cocoa Banana Fruit Leathers Not rated yet
I made the fruit leathers with my juicer after learning I could do that on your homemade fruit leather page. I decided to use all bananas and mixed in …

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