Master Cleanse Dangers

What are the lemonade diet dangers?

I’ve put together this page because so many people write in and ask me about master cleanse dangers. I hope this clears up the skepticism!

The lemonade diet is a safe cleanse, for some people and some circumstances. There are no real master cleanse dangers for the average person.

We have been fasting since the dawns of time. Our ancestors had to do it while hunting for food. Scientific evidence has shown that it’s beneficial for our body’s to have down time and our bodies instinctively start cleansing the moment we either give it the tools to do so (proper nutrition, example: green juice) or take a break from eating. When we abstain from eating (not water, just eating) our body automatically goes into cleanse mode. It knows what to do.

The fact is, most of us have been poisoning our body with toxic and dead food for years. The easiest and quickest way to clean out our body and start a new is a cleanse. Some people prefer juice fasts, and other prefer cleanses just like the lemonade diet. Either way, they are both safe and effective. If you feel apprehensive about the master cleanse, a juice fast might be better for you. Juice fasts still provide your body with a lot of liquid nutrition to help heal, at the same time easing up on digestion allowing your body to cleanse.

Something to think about…
What do you think is unhealthier, eating toxic poisonous food, or taking a short cleanse?

Of course, it’s eating toxic and dead food!

Here are the most common of the objections that one might say are master cleanse dangers:

Myth: We need to eat, how can not eating be healthy? I feel terrible when I don’t eat which is a signal to me that I need to eat.

Actually, yes, we need to eat for nutrition. A cleanse is a short term thing. It is not meant to follow for forever. It is a “cleanse” and meant to detoxify. However, if you feel terrible when you don’t eat, that’s actually a signal to me that your body is not healthy and you need to cleanse, desperately. You see, a healthy body can handle not eating first thing in the morning or for a while. If you feel like you have blood sugar swings when you don’t eat, it’s more likely that your body is toxic.

A note about master cleanse dangers to those who are ill: If you are really sick, meaning that you are on multiple medications and eat a diet full of dead and processed foods, I do think that it could be dangerous to do this cleanse without a doctors supervision. It is a healthy cleanse, but without help and guidance for your specific situation, you might not do well at first. If your goal is to get off of medications, lose weight and you don’t eat many raw fruits and vegetables, a juice fast might be more beneficial for you. It’s a slower and easier way to get healthy because not only would you need to cleanse, you’ll need good nutrition too. Just be safe and talk to your doctor or naturopath.

Master cleanse dangers- Not for everyone

People that should not attempt to do the master cleanse are:

  • Growing kids. Kids need a wide range of vitamins, minerals and protein for growth. It’s not really appropriate. If you want your child to cleanse, a short juice fast or adapting a plant based raw food diet is your best bet. If they have asthma or another problem you think a fast could clear up, consult with a doctor first.
  • People recovering from major surgeries, trauma or large wounds or burns. If you are recovering from a surgery or traumatic heath event, this is not the time to do a fast. Your body needs to heal. Once it has, it can be free to cleanse but attempting something like this during recovery is not a good idea.
  • People going through chemotherapy or radiation treatment (or have within the last year). While fasting and cleansing can be a great way to help your body recover from a disease like cancer, doing a cleanse during chemo and radiation is counterproductive for many reasons. Chemo is essentially putting toxins into your body, so if someone were to do the master cleanse, it would rapidly try to detox and could really be bad news. Don’t try it. Use it as an alternative to this treatment, but not in conjunction with.
  • While pregnant. While this is a controversial opinion, I lean towards not thinking it’s a good idea to do the lemonade diet while pregnant. Your body needs a wide range of vitamins and minerals while developing a child in the fetus, so it’s not the time to cleanse, in my opinion. If you disagree, just check with your doctor before starting to be safe.

Not everyone will be able to do the entire cleanse recommended by Stanley Burroughs. This usually means you are super toxic. If this is the case, try a juice fast, or try to detoxify slower through a raw diet, so that the detox symptoms and hunger pangs are easier for you handle.

Other master cleanse dangers & common concerns to be aware of

  • If you develop sensitive teeth, it’s a sign that your body is lacking critical minerals, including calcium. You can try drinking your lemonade through a straw, or brushing your teeth after each drink.
  • Hot bowel movements are extremely common. This is nothing to be afraid of and is a good sign that your body is eliminating toxins.
  • If you are taking medications, I do not suggest stopping without the supervision and advice of your doctor. While many people are able to get off of their medication following a cleanse, it is best to do it with your physicians help.
  • Follow the diet accurately and carefully. People that have chicken broth, don’t use pure maple syrup or table salt instead of sea salt for the salt water flush do not have good results and could create problems.
  • You will have detox symptoms. Stick with it and go through it. You should be free of tiredness and bad hunger pangs by day 3 or 4. Usually, any discomfort will subside after the next morning’s salt water flush, so you usually just have to power thorough a day.

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