Master Cleanser Recipe

What ingredients do you need for the lemonade recipe?

The master cleanser recipe is a lemonade based recipe, and it’s super simple. In fact, you can find the ingredients right in your local supermarket.

The master cleanser recipe is extremely tasty, which you might find surprising. Because this diet is made for cleansing, you want the purest ingredients possible. Only buy organic. If you aren’t use to eating organic, you’ll be happy to know that these ingredients are not the priciest organic ingredients and its very affordable.

Master Cleanser Recipe For One Glass

2 tablespoons of fresh organic lemon juice
2 tablespoons of organic grade B maple Syrup
Small pinch of cayenne pepper (approx 1/10 of teaspoon)
1 ½ cups of filtered water (approx 10 oz)

Mix the fresh lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water together in a glass. You don’t need a juicer as you can just cut the lemon in half and squeeze.

If you add more then 2 tablespoons of lemon juice that’s fine, but not recommended by Stanely Burroughs. Using a manual citrus juicer will get the most out of your lemons. Just remember the lemons must always be fresh to benefit from this cleanse. The fake stuff in the bottle is not recommended.

This recipe is for a single serving of the lemonade. You should drink about 6-10 servings each day. Feel free to multiply the recipe by the amount of servings you need. Of course it’s best to make it right before you drink it (because the lemons can lose its nutritional value over time) however, this is not always practical, so making a batch ahead of time is fine. If you make a batch ahead of time, don’t make more than a day’s worth and keep it in the refrigerator.

Ideally, you’ll want to drink it at room temperature as it is better for your digestion this way.

Making a half- gallon of the lemonade recipe

If you need enough for a day’s worth, it’s okay to go ahead and make a half gallon of it ahead of time. A gallon of the master cleanse recipe is two days worth. If you want that, then just double this recipe, but its recommended that you only make the drink 1 day ahead of time to get the most amount of nutrients from the lemons.

Half-Gallon Master Cleanser Recipe

64 ounces of fresh distilled or filtered spring water
12 tablespoons ( or 1/2 cup + 4 tbsp) of fresh squeezed lemon juice
1 heaping teaspoon of cayenne pepper
12 tablespoons ( or 1/2 cup + 4 tbsp) of grade B maple syrup

Pour all of these ingredients in a container (preferably glass) big enough to hold half a gallon. Shake it together or mix it with a spoon to combine. Store in the refrigerator until you need a glass.

Why we use these ingredients in the master cleanser recipe

Cayenne pepper: Cayenne pepper adds a spicy zing to the flavor, but most importantly, cayenne has some great benefits. Cayenne stimulates the circulation in your body and bloodstream. Also, by creating warmth it speeds cleansing and elimination. Some studies show that the capsaicin in pepper increase the body’s production of heat and helps to regulate blood sugar. It’s been studied to see if it helps prevents obesity.

Grade B Maple Syrup: Maple syrup adds a sweet pleasant taste to the lemonade recipe, and offers zinc and magnesium that can help to regulate appetite and help with metabolism.Filtered water: Water is needed by the body to literally function. Our brains, skin, organs…everything needs fresh water each day. While cleansing, water will hydrate and be the vehicle to deliver the nutrients from the lemons, syrup and cayenne to your body, as well as remove toxins.

Lemons: Fresh lemons are the star ingredient to the master cleanse recipe. They have a myriad of health benefits for the body, but here are some key positives:

  • Includes pectin, keeping you from absorbing sugar too quickly, and keeps your satisfied longer
  • Includes a rich source of vitamin C. studies have shown that people who have an adequate amount of vitamin C burn fat quicker then those that don’t.
  • Includes quercetin, a bioflavonoid (this is just one bioflavonoid in lemon juice) that is a powerful antioxidant. It is a powerful immune booster that helps insulin/blood sugar levels. Balanced blood sugar promotes less hunger pangs.
  • Stimulates the flow of saliva and gastric juice
  • Tonic for the liver, stimulating it to produce bile
  • Aids in digestion: The citric acid content aids in metabolism by combining with other acids and enzymes to stimulate stomach juices to help digestion
  • Lemon juice has calcium. Studies show that the more calcium there is in a fat cell, the more it will burn. Lemons are a great way to get calcium.
  • Helps to eliminate bloating and water retention
  • The healing power of lemons helps to turn colds away (antiviral), is a disinfectant against bacteria which helps diarrhea, can help with eczema and fatigue

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