Master Cleanse Directions

How to do the master cleanse the right way

There’s lots of little details that go along with the master cleanse directions, but here is the quick version so that you can understand how it works. After you’ve read this overview, be sure to visit the master cleanse FAQs section to get some extra helpful how-to-do-the-master-cleanse hints.

The purpose of the lemonade diet

The master cleanse, created by Stanley Burroughs, is a way to healing your body from ailments by eliminating toxins.It is a fast designed to:

  • dissolve and eliminate toxins
  • to cleanse the kidneys and digestive system
  • purify glands and cells in the body
  • eliminates waste that accumulates in the muscles and tissues of the body
  • build a healthy blood cells
  • relieve irritation throughout the bodies nerves and blood vessels.

The Master Cleanse directions basics

This cleanse is recommended for approximately 10 to 14 days. Stanley Burroughs says that it can be done up to 40 days.

It consists of drinking at least 6 glasses of the lemonade recipe each day, along with a morning salt water flush and drinking a herbal laxative tea.

It’s recommended by Stanley to do it 3-4 times a year to keep a body healthy. It can be done more frequently if you have a serious condition. Most people who love the master cleanse try to shoot for 1 or 2 times a year.

It’s simple, cheap and an ideal way to detox your body of toxins that interfere with your body operating at it’s best!

If you want the original book by Stanley Burroughs,
The Master Cleanser, you can get it here

What you need to prepare for the Master Cleanse

Ingredients for the lemonade recipe:

  • Lemons, genuine maple syrup (not flavored syrup), cayenne pepper and clean filtered lukewarm water.
  • A gentle herbal tea laxative (smooth move, sienna tea or a combination herbal + sienna tea)
  • Sea salt that is pure and has no added iodine
  • Mint tea
  • Time. Pick a week that is not as busy as others. You will need time to rest for the first few days, after that most detox symptoms will disappear and you’ll see a spike in energy. Most people like to start on a Friday(if they have off Saturday and Sunday) for this reason.

This is what all the ingredients look like (minus the fresh lemons)...

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Getting started on the Master Cleanse directions

What you eat before the cleanse is important. For many reasons, you don’t want to go from eating a heavy diet right into a fast. Your detox symptoms will be harsher. Eat a light vegetarian diet filled with fruits and vegetables the day before you start your master cleanse. Include fresh juice if possible. Preparing your body this way will make it easier to ease into this cleanse.

How to do the Master Cleanse

  • During the actual cleanse, you will drink at least 6 glasses of the lemonade recipe every day.
  • Each morning, you will do the salt water flush upon waking.
  • At night, take herbal laxative tea. If for some reason the salt water flush can’t be taken in the morning, take the herbal laxative tea at night AND the morning.
  • Mint tea can be drunk to help settle stomach and provide variety

This is the diet plain and simple. You must not eat any solid food. Do not vary the amount of lemon juice needed for the recipe, and if you feel sick or hungry, it often helps to drink more lemonade or rest.

The purpose of the salt water flush and the herbal laxative is to aid in cleansing, to help in elimination. If your stomach feels upset it is probably because you are not eliminating properly.

The Lemonade recipe: ingredients for Master Cleanse

  • 2 tablespoons of a fresh organic lemon juice (approx ½ lemon)
  • Filtered water, lukewarm
  • Cayenne pepper, 1/10 tsp
  • Organic grade B maple syrup, 2 tablespoons

Helpful items: Lemon squeezerNote: Grade A Maple syrup is more processed then grade B. Lemons and syrup should be organic to ensure a pure cleanse.Directions: Combine the water, lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper in a 10oz glass.The recipe can be made ahead, but not longer then a day.

Here’s more information on the lemonade diet recipe

The salt water flush

The salt water flush, done every morning on an empty stomach, is an important part of the master cleanse directions. Stanley Burroughs says to do this as often as needed for proper elimination of the digestive tract.

Mix 1 quart of lukewarm water to 2 teaspoons of pure sea salt (un-iodized).

Drink the whole quart. It will clean your digestive tract in about 1 hour and several eliminations will occur. Don’t go anywhere within 2 hours of drinking the salt water flush, as you will need to be near a toilet.

Breaking the lemonade diet cleanse safely

It is very important to follow the master cleanse directions and break the lemonade diet correctly. You cannot just jump into a regular meat filled, processed food diet or you will get sick. It’s not healthy. Also, after you cleansed your body, would you even want to?It is recommended that you follow a plant based, vegetarian diet for a few days immediately following the cleanse.

First and second day after the diet

Stanley Burroughs advises breaking the fast with several 8oz glasses of orange juice for day one and day two. It will prepare your digestive system to properly digest again, and get it back to normal.

Third day after the diet

On the third day after the fast drink fresh orange juice for breakfast. Have raw fruit for lunch and a vegetable salad for dinner.

On the fourth day, it’s best to live on a mostly raw food vegetarian diet.

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